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Five Fashion Trends for MEN for Derby

Le 19 April 2018, 08:46 dans Humeurs 0

We all know about fashion during Derby time, but usually it’s focused on the ladies. Gentlemen, don’t fear, we are here for you as well. Your outfit is just as important as the ladies, and spending a little time and effort goes a long, long way. Here are five trends to think about when you are dressing for Derby.

Five Fashion Trends for MEN for Derby

1. Hats

Fedoras and smart summer hats all look great on a man. Like a woman, hats really do finish the outfit. Remember to get a lighter colored and light fabric for your hat. Wool hats, toboggans are all not a good idea here.

2. Brightly colored sportcoats

With sportcoats, the brighter the better! Choose any color, but please don’t do your boring old navy blue sportcoat. Even more interesting than a bright solid color sportcoat is one with a cute print, like plaid, floral or pattern.

3. Linen suits

Only at the Derby can you wear a linen suit and not look like something out of a Miami Vice. The best looking suit I’ve ever seen was a light pink linen suit, accompanied by a fedora, yes sir! Linen is guaranteed to wrinkle, so don’t let that bother you and enjoy your wrinkly look all day. It will be cool and comfortable, definitely.

4. Pocket squares

Pocket squares, like ties, are a fun way to add color and personality to your outfit. Just make sure it looks good with your outfit and doesn’t clash. Don’t worry about matching your tie exactly. Also, you don’t have to wear a tie, but please try a pocket square for color.

5. Brightly colored socks

Socks are the easiest, cheapest way to put color and fun into your outfit, that people only get to peek at.

Gentlemen, remember to act like gentlemen at the track. Show off your nice new outfit and be on your best behavior;)Read more at:cheap formal dresses uk | graduation dresses uk

5 days of fashion at Nashville Fashion Week 2018

Le 31 March 2018, 08:48 dans Humeurs 0

Fashion lovers, rejoice! Nashville Fashion Week, an annual celebration of the city’s diverse and growing fashion and retail industry, will take place from April 3-7.

The schedule consists of daily pop-ups, learning labs, meet and greets, fashion talks and runway shows. Nashville Fashion Week features local, regional and national designers, including New York Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis.

Events throughout the day feature Project Runway designers, jewelry metalsmiths, fashion photographers, beauty experts, entrepreneurs and social media influencers.

The nightly runway shows each emphasize a different theme. The first show is the Nashville Designer Showcase, the second is the Ready-to-Wear Designer Showcase, the third is the Emerging Designer Showcase and the final night is the 2018 Finale featuring Anna Sui.

Nashville Fashion Week is a philanthropic effort that supports the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The Fashion Forward Fund was established in 2011 and “supports the next generation of fashion industry professionals” by providing an annual financial award and opportunities for professional development experiences to local talent.

Tickets are sold individually for each event and range from $50 for a standing spot and $75 seated position. For each runway show, doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. The full schedule can be downloaded here.Read more at:prom dress shops | evening dresses uk

Fashion show to help fund Tori to Paris

Le 26 March 2018, 11:22 dans Humeurs 0

Tori-Anne Gill is still undertaking a journey of fundraising which will see her label, Dark Thorn Clothing, on the runway at Paris Fashion Week in September.

In 2017, the 23-year-old from Mundoora received an email from Oxford Fashion Studio inviting her to the fashion week, yet as many know, most fashion comes with a hefty price tag, and this trip for Tori-Anne will cost her just under $33,000.

With still another $20,000 to raise, Tori-Anne has turned to her local community to show her some support in a fashion show fundraiser which was held at Port Broughton town hall on Saturday.

Doors opened at 5pm with free nibbles and drinks available for purchase, the fashion show starting later at 7pm.

The show featured Tori’s first ever pieces, included her printed t-shirts and skater shirts and then lead onto her current designs, showing a visual process of her garment development.

This is not the first show Tori has done, yet it is the first one in her home town, but she hopes the audience were amazed by what she put out on the runway.

“I am trying to create an atmosphere that is almost other-worldy.”

“Each show I have showcased in has a different outcome and a different vibe.”

“I am hoping this weekend, I was truly able to show people how much I have achieved and help them devour into the world of Dark Thorn.”

The fundraising efforts are tracking along nicely, Tori says, with some large donations having been made.

“I’ve had a grant from Lend A Hand in Snowtown and my Go Fund Me is tracking along nicely.”Read more at:princess prom dresses uk | prom dresses london

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